Convivi Samui

Your Lifestyle With Unique Investment Opportunities

How to enjoy an affordable, laidback lifestyle and generating yearly revenues? Just by experiencing a “laidback vibe” on Koh Samui, Thailand, a fast growing hotspot in Asia, as a lifestyle investment with steady rental yields and capital gain. 

You don’t have to be wealthy to create a life rich with travel, world-class food, and exotic cultures. You just need to know where to go. Koh Samui is one of the best-value destination for travel and or retirement. Living there may actually improve your health and well being. And thanks to the low cost of living and still growing high-end real estate market in Koh Samui it improves also your financials bottom line. Convivi Samui Villas within a luxury residential domain enables you on-going rental income and capital growth and excellent management and facilities. Convivi Samui Villas can afford you to relax, to seek out interesting local experiences and to go off the beaten track in style. It doesn’t take a fortune to enjoy a rich experience abroad. You simply need to know where and how to do it. We will map out amazing ways you can embrace an adventure-filled world with a more profitable and stability of a part of your fortune. Invest in your own property in Thailand and combine lifestyle investment with financial return in a branded secure lifestyle environment.

"Koh Samui, the perfect destination for your holiday, retreat, retirement, and investments in a Pure Smart Stylish way."


Want to escape the winter cold and wear shorts and a T-shirt in January? No problem! Since Koh Samui is in the tropics, you can enjoy warm, sunny weather pretty much every month of the year.

Its a nature lover’s dream.

The perfect weather will have you outside enjoying the fresh air more than you ever thought possible. You’ll walk more, swim more, hike more, and get more all-around exercise while having fun and being safe on Koh Samui.

You’ll eat fresher and healthier food. And every town in Koh Samui has a local farmer’s market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, beef, chicken, and much more for a fraction of the price you are used to.

You will experience an overwhelming feeling of being home by the smiles and the friendliness of the Thai people. In stead of being pressed for time and always in a rush your will automatically adapt the Thai lifestyle and become more relaxed and forget the rat race at home. You’ll have less stress in Koh Samui, and that’s certainly good for your health. Think about it…great weather, plenty of healthy activities, beautiful scenery (you can live at the beach, in the mountains, on a golf course… and the time to enjoy it all at an unhurried pace.


In combination with a favorable exchange rate, it’s never been easier to live better for less in years than it is right now in Thailand.

The private and public hospitals offer excellent medical care with plenty of English-speaking medical professionals. Many of them have trained in Western countries. Prices here are much more affordable than they are back home. Think of how much money you’ll save simply by taking part of your health care planning overseas to Thailand!

It’s estimated that several hundred thousand expats call Thailand home for at least part of the year. Some expats live here full time. And others take advantage of Thailand’s attractive retirement program once they turn 50 years old. It’s easy to make like-minded friends from all over the world.

Modern air-conditioned shopping malls and the modern Bangkok airport Koh Samui’s airport is unique with it’s completely open-air with thatched roofs, coffee shops, restaurants and stores, while only being about 40 minutes from Convivi Samui Villas!

On the island is a reliable internet access and mobile phone coverage.

You’ll get more bang for your buck. Beyond the laidback lifestyle you’ll also find opportunities to invest wisely and profit well in real estate. Sustainable capital growth, on-going rental income, luxurious facilities, excellent management and very low costs of living. Invest in your property in Thailand and
combine lifestyle investment with financial return. It might be a good way of keeping a few of your retirement eggs in very separate baskets.


Here in Thailand you’ll find awe-inspiring gilded temples and expansive floating markets where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and other goods.

Koh Samui offers plentiful white-sand beaches and warm, year-round waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving and other water sports.

It’s without doubt a very safe region. And a spirituality and hospitality unique to the people of Southeast Asia.

You’ll be amazed at how welcoming and friendly the Thai people are. It really seems like hospitality runs in their blood. In Thailand, with age comes respect and wisdom, which makes more sense. Thailand is a very tolerant society. A real live-and-let-live mentality. It’s a Buddhist-based culture, where generosity is the number-one virtue, so people who have very little still find a way to give and contribute. They believe in the basics of Karma, so what you give comes back to you.

Koh Samui is rapidly developing as the “wellness” capital of Asia. The health-minded tourist or expat looking for the perfect spa
treatment, massage, yoga class, detox center or other health programs suited to every budget is spoiled for choice on Koh Samui.

A high concentration of Five stars – hotels and even 1 Six star-hotel in combination with unique dining concept, beach clubs and luxury facilities and services.


With the signature of Angelique Broers (Lifestyle Coach / Author)

As a lifestyle coach / author Angelique Broers consciously gives color to her life, and she wants the same for you. Angelique shares her “PureSmartStylish – a conscious lifestyle” concept through her book “PureSmartStylish – a conscious lifestyle”, her website and by individual and group coaching. Her book is already published in Dutch, English, Spanish and French and in German soon. It can be ordered directly on www.puresmartstylish.com and will be on the dining table for you when you arrive in our Convivi Villa – apartment. 

On your demand she coaches you to become more happy with your body, personality, talent, appearance and relationship in a very luxury ambiance. Just because you deserve it as a self-confident person.  She offers a range of conscious lifestyle & image coach cessions and events to private persons, groups and companies in a luxury accommodation in idyllic surroundings, which guarantees an exceptional experience every time.  With her partner she combines living in Andorra and in Koh Samui. Inspired by their own “Pure Smart Stylish” – lifestyle, they bought the three best located luxury & spacious villa – apartments within the residential domain in Mae Nam Hills, Koh Samui. Their apartments are for short and long term rental purpose but also with the option of an exclusive individual lifestyle coaching given by Angelique Broers and her staff. These stunning modern spacious apartments perfectly suited to large family holidays, well being events or private celebrations.

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